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Have you ever felt a deep desire to do something your heart longed for while "everyone" in your world told you, 'it's not for you'? You don't have the talent. You should think of something else? 

Throughout my life I have loved writing. First I have love the way the letters come together to form the words, which then form the thoughts, which then give meaning to an idea, a thought, an image.  I'm talking about the beauty of cursive writing, a seemingly lost art.

Then there are those moments when I read passages from poets, from storytellers, from authors who give voice to experiences which help me realize that there is so much more than the disturbances I read about in my local paper. They help me understand that I do have a voice and I do need to take a stance because the world in which I live in does not ask me to be complacent ... I need to be an active participant in my existence!!

Yet these writings which prompted to ask larger questions reminded me that life was so much more, so much greater than what I knew. This is what helped me begin to plug into my inner wisdom, my inner beauty which constantly reminded me that life was an incredible adventure, filled with joy and pain, and life filled with both/and type of experiences yet so worth living. 

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