Life has a way of getting
our attention.

I discovered these natural remedies during one of those, what one may call, dark night of the ego. Disappointed that my marriage was coming to an end, feeling like a mom that let her kids down, living in a new area with no family or real friends nearby, my body began to show signs of dis-ease from the stress I was under. I felt like I was free falling. My greatest joy, the ones who kept me believing in the goodness of life, were my beautiful children!  

My essential journey

Over the years, the self-defeating thoughts, the high levels of stress and the financial struggles when I lost my corporate job after 9/11, all began to take a real toll on my body. Have you ever been there? Overwhelmed by disappointment, not realizing that life was actually trying to get your attention?

Over time, I found myself taking daily medications and spending most of the fall and winter with all types of bronchial issues. This “norm” came to a crashing halt one day when I read an article about how dangerous the medications I was on could be for me. “My kids,” I thought, “I want to watch them grow up and create lives of their own.” This became a real wake up call for me which awakened a deep desire to do something!

By now, I had cultivated some wonderful friendships. One was with a beautiful woman who came into my life and taught me about the power of essential oils, tools she had used on her own personal healing journey some years back. 

The energetics of essential oils 

Dark nights are meant to awaken us into greater possibilities and this one sure did. The essential oils played a role in helping me wean myself off my meds. As I grew stronger, I became super interested to know what I was feeding my mind and my body.

I became intrigued and fascinated by the changes I began to experience and, as a natural sharer, I wanted to share them with everyone who crossed my path.

Over the years I’ve introduced the oils to people who live very healthy lives and were looking for natural ways to care for themselves and their loved ones. And I’ve also introduced them to people who were moving through their own emotional, physical, spiritual or mental health crisis and have found the oils to be great companions in their own personal journeys.  

Today, it is such an honor to share these beautiful, pure essential oils with you. They are natural remedies, reminiscent of how our ancestors cared for themselves.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” 

—Henry David Thoreau

The doterra difference

So why doTERRA? Aren’t all essential oils the same?

Well let me begin by saying that your life is unique and that makes you very special. This is why when you add essential oils into your life you want to make sure the oils are not contaminated or adulterated with synthetic chemicals, you want them to be pure, effective and safe.

Purity is the most important thing, because if they are pure, then they are naturally effective and safe. In other words, you want them to make a difference .. you want them to work!

Experience pure essential oils

One of the ways we are empowered is by having the tools and support we need to thrive! The essential oil market is filled with claims of “pure” essential oils. But are they really? Pure essential oils have a potential to soothe, support and restore you and your loved ones in a completely natural way.

I would love to send you a sample so that you can experience the doTERRA difference.

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